Reliable, Hard Working Equipment from AGCO

With a short growing season and a long winter, this operator needs his equipment to run, even in the harshest of conditions.

By Caitlin Kelly | Photos By Alain Lefort

As with many of his decisions, when Quebec farmer Laurent Bousquet finds a good product, he tends to stick with it. That’s the case with his farm machinery. He’s been buying it for decades from Groupe Symac, a private company co-owned with Parisville, another regional co-op, and by Comax, the 1,600-member regional agricultural cooperative to which he’s belonged since his teens.

Massey Ferguson has an excellent product, especially since they’ve been using a variable speed transmission,” he says of AGCO’s continuously variable transmission (CVT). “For versatility, comfort and quiet, it’s an excellent choice. It’s also easier to handle.”

Among his equipment, Bousquet runs a Massey Ferguson 9540C combine harvester, MF7619 tractor, a White Planters™ 8831-CF planter and a Sunflower® 4511-15, which he uses for tillage. He also deploys four of his Massey Ferguson tractors for snow removal: the MF7620, MF7619, MF7485 and MF6480—all of which, he says, they are “marvelously adapted for.”

Among the features he appreciates in the Massey Ferguson equipment he runs are the engines, which he describes as “excellent, very quiet, and [they] offer good fuel economy.” He also commends the combine harvester, which he says “is much easier to maintain now that Massey Ferguson has reduced the number of its parts. Fewer parts to repair means [the machinery] works better and breaks less often.”

Bousquet chose Massey Ferguson products because “their technology is the most advanced,” he explains. He says he has seen improvements over the years, especially in Massey Ferguson’s inclusion of electronics. “The new machines,” he says, “are much easier to use.”

Another point he appreciates: the relationship with his dealer, Groupe Symac, for their employees’ candid advice and responsiveness to his needs. The folks at Groupe Symac are accessible and dedicated, he says. “Their knowledge base is excellent. They know very well what we need, and they’ll even make suggestions to Massey Ferguson if one or two of their clients suggests changes.

“No matter when I need them, winter or summer, they’re available 24/7,” Bousquet continues. “They always have an excellent array of parts on hand and well-trained staff.”