Reliable Machines from Massey Ferguson Increase Uptime

From high-horsepower to compact tractors, ““If it’s Massey,” says farmer Guy Conan, “it always runs.”

0315canola1Guy Conan says there are only two brands of farm equipment: “Massey Ferguson® and those that wish they were.” Smiling, the Saskatchewan farmer admits to keeping another brand in his farmyard. But that, he says, is “to make us appreciate the red stuff.” With 45 years of farming now under his belt, Conan knows that reliability is key. And, as a licensed ag mechanic, he literally knows all 10 of his Massey Ferguson and other AGCO machines inside and out.

Whether it’s his high-horsepower tractors and rotary combines, or his windrower and application equipment, Conan does all his own maintenance and most of the repairs. When he does need some additional help, he says of Full Line Ag in Saskatoon, “I know the dealership well. If I do call them, they’re out to the farm quickly.”

The latest member of his family is an MF4610 tractor. With 99 HP, it is his year-round farmyard and utility machine. Conan says he uses the tractor to turn the grain vac and, in the fall, run the grain auger. It gets used to cut grass around the house, shops and bins. It also does all the loader work in the yard.

“It is very handy, especially the ability to put attachments on the front end, like forks to lift things,” he says. He also really appreciates the climate-controlled cab, particularly during winter. “It gets a little cool up here,” he says. “It’s a nice little tractor. It turns nice and sharp in the yard. It runs smooth and starts easy. It’s comfortable and easy to get in and out. And it’s quiet.”

As for his high-horsepower equipment, Conan says, “I absolutely like the new [AGCO POWER] engines. They are quite a bit more fuel-efficient and have more power. Truth be told, I think they’re rated with the same horsepower, but they just have more lugging power and they get that same power on less fuel.”

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