AGCO Equipment: Reliable And Efficient

According to Yvan Bachand, AGCO-made farm equipment is up to the demands of working the long, brutal hours that Quebec’s climate dishes out.

By Caitlin Kelly | Photos By Jessica Deeks

In business for decades, Yvan Bachand has invested heavily in equipment used for his farm and snow-removal business. Much of that equipment is AGCO® made, including 10 Massey Ferguson® tractors, ranging from an older Massey Ferguson 255 to the newer 320-HP MF8670.

Yvan chooses the brand due in large part to Quebec’s brutal winters and the extreme demands of his snow-removal business. Every wasted minute means lost business for his many customers and for himself, and Massey Ferguson has proved extremely reliable. Farming, too, of course, is challenging, especially in Quebec, where the growing season is short and there’s even less allowance for downtime.

“Since the farm activities are always subject to the weather … the equipment choices are made in regard to their efficiency and speed,” he says. “They have to be reliable in order to answer to our productivity needs.”

According to Yvan, he chooses Sunflower® tillage equipment for its strength. Precision is a big reason why he uses Sunflower’s seeding equipment for wheat and soybeans and why he employs White Planters tools for corn. “The more precise the [seeding equipment], the greater its efficiency,” he says.

His Massey Ferguson tractors are spacious and quiet, Yvan says, “while the CVT [continuously variable transmission] technology, along with the autoguiding system, both contribute to the operator’s comfort and help me concentrate on the work to be done.”

“The reliability of the AGCO products I use is absolutely essential for a business like mine that’s constantly confronted by nature’s abrupt changes: extreme cold, snow, ice in winter and long, demanding hours during spring planting or fall harvesting.”

Reliability is also “why I do business with Groupe Symac in Rougemont,” says Yvan. “They know how to answer my needs when it counts and when I need them—whether selling, service or parts. The support and knowledge of the Groupe Symac service and sales team allow us to make a clear choice when it comes time to buy a piece of machinery.”