Small But Mighty Tractor

The Wilkie’s GC1715 may be small in stature, yet it offers plenty of power for their farm’s versatile needs.

By Jodi Helmer | Photos By Jessica Deeks

The first time Blair Wilkie stepped into Groulx Equipment in Cache Bay, Ontario, he was looking for a small tractor for lawn care, snow removal and hauling hay. The shopping trip, which was shortly after he and his wife, Marj, moved to nearby Verner, proved fruitful; Blair purchased an AGCO® ST47A in 2003 and landed a sales job with the equipment dealer. Marj started working as a bookkeeper with Groulx in 2015.

While both Blair and Marj are passionate about selling and servicing AGCO equipment to local farms of all sizes, they have a soft spot for small-acreage farmers. “There are so many hobby farms popping up, and people are going to subcompact tractors with implements that are easy to [attach],” says Blair.

That soft spot for small farms is in part because the Wilkies own and operate one themselves. Named Wilkie Way Acres, their farm encompasses some 10 acres, which include a 1-acre garden, pastures and a barn, the latter two for the family’s 17 four-legged animals, as well as flocks of chickens and ducks.

To help them with any variety of chores, the couple leased a subcompact Massey Ferguson® GC1715 in 2016. It’s small enough to drive into the barn, large enough to haul hay to the pastures, and, thanks to a 25-HP engine, powerful enough to handle the snowfall in central Ontario.

The Wilkies own multiple implements for the tractor, including a lawn deck, tiller and rear blade used for snow removal and grading, and Blair plans to purchase a snow blower attachment. “It’s so simple to use and does practically everything we want,” Blair says of the GC1715. “Because it’s smaller and the implements are smaller, it’s not that expensive, which is a big benefit for hobby farmers.”

Although the Wilkies admit they might be biased, both believe Groulx Equipment is the best farm dealership around. “We’re getting so much new business that we can barely keep up,” Marj says of the dealership.

“All of the farmers love Blair because he’s so knowledgeable and the service is great. We take great pride in the business,” concludes Marj, “and we want to see it grow, and that shows.”