Smart, Balanced, Flexible: The Unique Features of the Fendt Momentum Planter

The Fendt Momentum planter does things no other planter can do, but that farmers always wished they could.

The Fendt® Momentum™ planter from AGCO is an advanced planting system with AGCO-exclusive SmartFrame™ technologies, including its vertically contouring toolbar design and the optional Load-Logic™ weight management system that automatically senses loads, monitoring the weight on the planter and adjusting.

The Load-Logic weight management system lets the operator choose to use a load-balance mode to distribute the weight of the seed and fertilizer evenly across the planter bar, or the controlled-traffic mode to focus the weight on the in-line tandem center wheels that follow the path of the tractor wheels. The farmer can adjust to put the weight in the right places, and then the tires adjust automatically using a smart central tire inflation system (CTIS).


It pairs perfectly with Fendt row-crop tractors with the factory-installed VarioGrip™ tire pressure regulation system. VarioGrip allows the operator to set and control tire pressure on-the-go from 8.7 to 36 PSI to reduce compaction and tire wear while optimizing traction and performance in the field or on the road.

The vertical contouring toolbar on Momentum allows growers to save substantial time by planting any contour or terrace in the way they want vs. the terrace dictating how the planter is positioned. A sensor-controlled hydraulic system raises and lowers sets of secondary row-unit toolbars to extend the normal 15-inch range of vertical movement to an effective 68 inches, ensuring the row unit stays in its optimum position relative to the ground to plant at the correct depth. Meanwhile, DeltaForce® downforce system creates a specific downforce for each row for the right standing pressure for different soil types and planting conditions.

The vertical contouring toolbar on Momentum allows growers to save substantial time by planting any contour or terrace in the way they want.Click To Tweet

Growers can monitor all planter functions and individual row unit performance in real time with the 20/20 Gen3 SeedSense® monitor system, which comes standard on all Fendt Momentum planters. 20/20 SeedSense tells you what you need to know about population, skips, doubles, speed, row unit ride, down force and ground contact. It enables you to seed precisely, maintain depth, avoid compaction and troubleshoot mechanical problems.

The eight models include 16-, 24-, 32-, 36- and 48-row configurations with row spacings of 15, 20, 22, and 30 inches, all available with liquid fertilizer. All are narrow-transport, folding to a compact 12 x 12-foot package with the touch of a button.

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