Sunflower Chisels, Points and Spikes

Durable and effective, Sunflower Genuine Tillage Parts take on the toughest soil conditions and help you maximize yields.

For the most challenging soil and residue conditions, Sunflower in-line rippers, cultivators, and strip and fallow tillage tools help undercut weeds, eliminate soil compaction and prepare optimum seedbeds. But to keep these best-in-class tools operating at their best, be sure to use Sunflower Genuine Tillage Parts, including chisels, points and spikes.

Made with high-carbon, heat-treated steel; exacting manufacturing methods; and rigorous testing, Sunflower Genuine Tillage Parts lead the industry in durability and performance. Here’s just a partial list of what helps farmers save time and money in the field, and maximize crop-yield potential.

Twisted Chisels

Twisted Chisel spikes are designed to be used in place of straight chisel spikes to turn soil or incorporate residue for maximum weed kill. All twisted chisels are formed from high-carbon, heat-treated steel for long-wear and minimal maintenance.

Chisel Spikes

Sunflower offers the most durable and longest wearing points on the market. The exclusive design from Sunflower provides a self-sharpening point for superior penetration throughout the life of the point.

Subsoiler Points

Made with high-carbon steel in the base, boron steel in the wing and high-chrome alloy in caps, Sunflower points are highly rock resistant for longer wear. Providing unparalleled soil aeration, for better root penetration and water percolation, Sunflower points are the perfect solution for farmers operating in difficult conditions.

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