Sunflower Redefines Tillage

Sunflower debuts a rugged vertical tillage tool to help prepare ideal seedbeds and maximize yields.

By Tharran E. Gaines

Heavy corn residue and hard-packed soils are no match for the newest tillage equipment to roll out from AGCO Corporation’s Sunflower brand. Now, with the addition of seven new models from the 6631 Series vertical tillage system, Sunflower offers even more tools to help farmers prepare ideal seedbeds and achieve maximum yields.

6631 Series vertical tillage system

6631 Series vertical tillage system

“The primary purpose of vertical tillage,” explains Larry Kuster, senior marketing specialist for Sunflower tillage, “is to cut and size tough crop residue, and mix it into the very topmost soil. That provides enough clean surface to absorb sunlight and evenly warm the upper 2 to 3 inches of soil.”

Sunflower tools perform these functions effectively and efficiently with exceptional residue management, more vertical lifting of the soil and ease of use. “The blade design of the Sunflower-exclusive Saber Blade™ and the staggered, offset disc gang design of the Sunflower 6631 offer industry-leading cutting and mixing action for residue breakdown. “And,” continues Kuster, “these tools also ‘tie’ residue to the soil to create a surface that resists wind and water erosion.”

On the Level

The frames of the 6631 ride on heavy-duty walking tandem systems that float over uneven field surfaces, maintaining consistent depth and action front to rear. According to Kuster, the new three-section models offer 23 degrees of wing flex—11 up, 12 down—to hug uneven fields.

A heavy-duty “A-frame” tongue design offers two-position drawbar adjustment to match the tractor drawbar height for level operation and optimum fuel efficiency. Also, operating depth can be set easily with a front-mounted, single-point depth control that adjusts with the turn of a handle. A hydraulic leveling system makes front-to-rear leveling fast and easy from the tractor cab while on the go.

The durable mainframe of 4- by 6- by 3/8-inch stringers, front to rear, has the strength expected from Sunflower and will meet the demands of tough tillage conditions. Low-maintenance features include ultra-high molecular-weight (UHMW) plastic bearings and bushings throughout the machine’s lift and fold systems to eliminate metal-to-metal contact and wear, as well as the time and expense of grease and regular service.

“We built this machine with strength and structural durability in mind,” says Kuster. “The 6631 is a tool our customers can rely on to get the job done efficiently for years to come.”

Sunflower Genuine Tillage Parts

We don’t count on a race car to perform at its best with tricycle wheels. Neither do we expect high-performance Sunflower tillage tools to prepare ideal seedbeds with second-rate parts.

That’s one of many reasons it’s essential to use high-quality Sunflower Genuine Tillage Parts, such as blades, sweeps and points. Innovative designs manufactured to the highest standards are hallmarks of Sunflower tools, such as vertical tillers, cultivators and disc harrows. The same is true of Sunflower replacement parts, which are made to meet the demands of today’s farming operations with industry-leading performance and long-lasting durability.

Watch the video interviews with Larry Kuster, senior marketing specialist for Sunflower tillage, as he walks through the benefits of using high-quality Sunflower Genuine Tillage Parts. See more video starting with Sunflower exclusive blades at