Sunflower Seed and Tillage: Built Around the Parts

Achieve the highest level of seeding and tillage performance with Sunflower Genuine Tillage Parts.

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Today’s farmers have to overcome numerous hurdles in preparing optimum seedbeds: hard-packed soil, heavy residue left over from genetically modified crops, erosion concerns, and continued demands for speed and efficiency. To meet the challenge, Sunflower offers more than 100 models and configurations of seeding and tillage tools, each designed to help enhance seed-to-soil contact for rapid and uniform emergence. Meaning, more efficiency, better yields, higher profits.

With almost 70 years of excellence, farmers have come to trust Sunflower. It’s a name synonymous with quality and dependability. Now, that same excellence can be found in new Sunflower Genuine Tillage Parts, such as blades, sweeps, chisels and points.

Just like having the right-sized tractor to pull these exceptionally effective and efficient implements, replacement parts are critical to the best-in-class operation of Sunflower Seed and Tillage tools. Ensure you maintain that high level of performance in your fields with Sunflower Genuine Tillage Parts.

You know our name. Remember the brand. Look for the “tilled S.”

When it comes replacement parts, get the ones that Sunflower says are the best, the highest quality, the best performing, and the longest lasting.

Visit your Sunflower dealer and ask for Sunflower Genuine Tillage Parts.

See the next video, “Sunflower Tillage Blades” >>