Superior Service From AGCO

An AGCO® dealer provides a unique customer with a unique solution.

By Jason Jenkins | Photos By Jason Jenkins

Something had to change. That’s how Fred Circle, president and CEO of FDC Enterprises in Springfield, Ohio, describes his company’s move to Fendt® tractors in 2017. After initially building his conservation and bioenergy company’s fleet with another manufacturer’s tractor, he quickly found the machine’s drivetrain wasn’t reliable. 

“Whether we’re planting or harvesting prairiegrass, our money is made when we’re in the field,” Circle says. “With the [tractor] brand we had before, the mechanical issues were overwhelming. We had to make a change.”

So, in 2017, the FDC crew evaluated tractors from seven different brands, scoring them on 58 different criteria—everything from road speed and horsepower to fuel efficiency, cab comfort and, of course, the drivetrain that had caused problems with the previous brand. Fendt and one other tractor brand scored the highest, Circle recounts. However, it was his ACGO® dealer, Ohio Ag Equipment, that provided a unique solution, making Fendt and its Gold Star Customer Care plan the only option.

“We’re a little different,” Circle explains. “We have a relationship with our home dealer, but most of the time, we do very little work where the dealership is located. AGCO came to the table with support and services that no one else bothered to think about.”

Ohio Ag Equipment built a network of dealers across the states where FDC Enterprises plants native grasses and forbs—from Iowa to Virginia—ensuring that if a piece of equipment goes down, help is just a phone call away. In total, Circle replaced the 22 tractors he previously operated with just nine Fendt 724s. He says the Fendt’s drivetrain with its continuously variable transmission is superior, and its reliability made the fleet reduction possible. The tractor’s fuel efficiency also has produced significant savings—about 12% in 2018.

Tractors, however, aren’t the only AGCO equipment that Circle’s company utilizes. For the past four seasons, FDC has harvested switchgrass and cornstalks for bioenergy using AGCO-made 2270XD large square balers. He says the machines have improved productivity immensely, and when needed, the simplicity of their design often allows his crews to make repairs themselves.

FDC Enterprises continues to build its operations, including international projects. The company recently planted 150 acres of switchgrass in Macedonia in Eastern Europe with the intent of producing bioenergy for generating electricity.

“I wouldn’t try to do anything offshore if it wasn’t for this relationship we have with AGCO now,” Circle says. “It’s beyond words how serious they are about providing us a piece of reliable equipment and the service and support that goes with it.”