Take Command: The Latest, Greatest in Corn Heads from AGCO

The all-new 3300 Command™ Series heads from AGCO promise faster, cleaner corn harvesting.

By Tharran E. Gaines

The new AGCO 3300 Command Series corn heads represent a totally new design to match the needs of today’s farmers. “There’s no question that farming has changed,” says Caleb Schleder, AGCO tactical marketing manager, combines. “Farmers are harvesting more acres as they continue to rent and purchase more land. At the same time, corn yields are increasing across most areas of the nation’s Corn Belt. Last but not least, tillage programs have changed and fewer farmers are burying residue … instead leaving it on top of the ground through no-till, minimum-till or strip-till programs.”

3300 Command Series

3300 Command Series

Schleder says the 3300 Command Series was designed to address all of these issues with more capacity, faster harvest rates and less loss in the field. It starts with a new, innovative fore/aft adjustment on a corn head tilt feature that allows the header to float, while providing cushion for the header and combine. This feature not only allows the 3300 Series headers to accommodate for various tire sizes, but provides incredible performance in down corn.

“The new low-density polyethylene snouts also allow smoother feeding transition of the crop, without butt shelling and ear bounce,” Schleder adds, noting that the stalk rolls also feature point-to-point contact for better feeding. “From there, a new 20-inch high-capacity auger reaches over the row unit for better feeding and transition of material into the feeder house. The Command head even comes standard with a header hood to prevent ears from going over the top of the header opening.”

One of the most striking new features is an optional chopper that can chop both stalks and residue for a faster breakdown in the field. However, even with the chopper option, the chopping function can be disengaged with a lever on the head.

Other features and options include new snout skids that provide smooth head flotation; Headsight™ auto-header height sensors for responsive header height control; Stalk Crushers that help reduce tire hazards from tough stalks; and snouts that are Reichhardt Ready, which means they don’t require modification to install row sensing.

Available in 8- and 12-row models, as well as chopping and non-chopping versions, the 3300 Command Series works with all Gleaner® and
Massey Ferguson® combines built since 2003, including the new Gleaner S9 Series and Massey Ferguson 9505 Series.