The Massey Ferguson 4700 Series: A Bona Fide Workhorse

It’s easy to use, has the power and weight to do huge jobs, and is extremely fuel efficient. For Joey Wilson, his MF4710 does the work that other tractors in its class simply can NOT.

By Des Keller | Photos By Will & Deni McIntyre

Joey Wilson’s new Massey Ferguson® 4710 tractor pretty much justifies its existence every single day. “I love it. It is a heavy tractor, a workhorse that is easy to operate,” says Wilson, who farms 1,500 acres in addition to running Wilson’s Farm Store at the tiny crossroads of Lowrys, S.C.

Joey Wilson

Joey Wilson

“A lot of tractors have horsepower but not a lot of weight,” he says. He believes the 100-HP MF4710 may be the only tractor in its power range capable of pushing 9-plus tons worth of bundled, stacked straw bales forward at one time, while loading them on a truck bed.

“I have a friend who owns another brand of tractor and when he gets the truck half loaded, he can’t push the bales any further,” says a smiling Wilson. “It’s incredible,” he adds of his MF4710. “We took pictures of us pushing the five stacks.”

Despite the weight (11,000 pounds) and power of the MF4710, it doesn’t sacrifice fuel efficiency. “We still have one green tractor, so we know what it’s like to burn fuel.”

The 4700 Series is just one of several in AGCO’s Global Series of tractors, and the company believes they are every bit as good as the legendary Massey Ferguson 235 and 165 models. Wilson agrees and should know—his family has owned numerous Massey Ferguson tractors over the years.

Though the MF4710 is the new kid on the block, Wilson is equally enamored with his MF6485, their field workhorse. “We plant with it, run strip-tillage tools and subsoilers. It has great hydraulic flow, a super transmission and good fuel efficiency,” says Wilson.

Michael Nance, of nearby Nance Tractor, says Wilson’s visibility in the community functions as a great “non-verbal endorsement” for Massey Ferguson products. “Wilson’s store makes for a kind of hub in the community,” says Nance. “He’s been good for us.”

The admiration and appreciation is mutual. Wilson prizes the relationship with Nance Tractor & Implement in terms of quality, service and parts. It doesn’t hurt that Nance Tractor is located 5 miles north of Wilson’s store. “They have just been the best,” Wilson says.

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