Magazines That Target Your Customers

Like Massey Ferguson, FarmLife offers its own brand of versatility. Each issue provides two versions of the magazine—one for large equipment owners, one for small equipment owners.

Besides crafting articles that are great reads for your customers and can be powerful sales tools in your business, Massey Ferguson also takes the extra step of building magazines that are designed to reach specific customer groups. If you use the Online Magazine Database to send the magazine to your best customers, we use the warranty file to determine whether your customer buys equipment for a small farm or a large farm, and send them the version of the magazine that best fits their operation or interests. Each version offers 5-8 pages of content targeted at those two specific groups.

Full Line dealerships receive a “large farm” version of the magazine in bulk shipments, and CUE dealerships receive a “small farm” version. So even if you’re only receiving bulk shipments, you’re getting a version of the magazine that fits your business.

However, it doesn’t cost you a penny more to send the magazine directly to your customer—and take advantage of the benefit of using your customers’ purchase history to send them the version of the magazine that’s best for their interests.

If you’d like more information about how to send magazines directly to your customers, contact the FarmLife circulation department by email at or call at 205-243-0923.

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