First Gear

Precision Planting: New White Planters for 2017

The amazingly innovative White Planters 9800VE takes performance—and yields—to unprecedented levels.

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Let It Snow! Massey Ferguson Snow Blowers

Massey Ferguson introduces commercial-duty snow blowers.

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Massey Ferguson 5700SL & 6700, tractors provide comfort, control.

Better Value, Better Tractors

Whether for loader or dairy work, hay production or general on-the-farm use, these four new series of utility tractors from Massey Ferguson® are setting a new standard.

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Farm Wages and Immigration: FarmLife FIVE

This issue: Wages and immigration.

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Drone camera scouting a farm

Use Drones to Measure Crop Health

Flying a UAV for anything other than “fun” requires a background check and passing a 60-question test to obtain a remote pilot airman certificate.

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Building Farm Infrastructure Using the Internet

One rural area takes matters in its own hands to develop high-speed internet service.

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Learn What’s New in Biobased Products

Products from biomass and other plant-based sources are back in the spotlight.

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Massey Ferguson on the Beach: Wish You Were Here

Jealousy is unbecoming, but given the palm trees and snowy white beaches, we had our reasons.

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Percentage of immigrants in farm labor in U.S. and Canada (chart)

Immigrants on the Farm in U.S. and Canada (Infographic)

Compare the percentage of immigrants that make up the labor force in Canada and the U.S,
and find out more about immigration and agriculture.

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Land price chart shows increase throughout the years

Land Prices Increase Throughout The Years (Infographic)

The high price of farmland is one of the biggest obstacles facing young producers. Increases in average cost of land are illustrated here.

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