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Crowdfunding the Farm

A new funding model helps farmers raise capital.

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Taking Care: Craig Holm and his Minnesota Farm

This Minnesota farmer diversified and found ways to save on inputs and improve yields, all the while striving to look after his neighbors.

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AGCO’s Jackson Plant: Better, Stronger, Faster

A state-of-the-art testing facility is a new tractor’s worst nightmare, but a customer’s best friend. Read on for more about the “Dyno-Jounce” test and other leading-edge tools that help make AGCO farm equipment the best of the best.

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High Horsepower in the Heartland

Why a small community in Minnesota earned the right to bring the assembly of high-horsepower tractors back to North America.

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The VRTEX 360

The state-of-the-art virtual reality trainer is not just a game. It’s “Wii meets welding.”

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