Expanding The 8600 Series

The industry’s best high-horsepower tractor is now even better.

The MF8600

The MF8600

Known on one hand for its high-horsepower brawn and on the other for its fuel efficiency, the Massey Ferguson® 8600 Series line of tractors has just gotten even better. Already Tier IVi compliant, the 8600 Series has just introduced tractors with enhanced performance and greater horsepower, as well as more comfort.

Consider these advancements in the 2011 8600 Series model tractors:

—Massey Ferguson introduces the fifth model in the series, the new MF8690, which features 290 PTO horsepower.

—Pressure within the common-rail fuel injection system was increased nearly 50% to more thoroughly atomize fuel, improving diesel use and lowering overall fuel usage.

—An industry-exclusive pivoting cooling system improves fuel efficiency by capturing, cooling and directing unburned fuel back into the fuel system.

—A new Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) injection system, featuring a NOx sensor, measures the exhaust before it enters the diesel exhaust catalyst. The system then injects the most appropriate rate of DEF needed to match the engine load and best oxidize the emissions.

—A 167-gallon diesel tank and 16-gallon DEF tank were installed for less frequent refueling and a 2:1 diesel-to-DEF refill ratio.

—A new CANbus software customized control keyboard includes controls for auto-steer, hydraulic differential lock, 4-wheel-drive engagement and SpeedSteer for improved operator comfort and efficiency.

—Redesigned right-side integrated cab steps, with an adjustable bottom step, offer better operator access.

Straight From The Farmer’s Mouth

Mike and William Carter’s new Massey Ferguson 8660 provides them with more horsepower and comfort than their previous tractor did. Plus, the new model is more efficient, cheaper to operate and is Tier IVi compliant.

“So far, it’s been a wonderful tractor,” says Mike, noting that he and his brother purchased the MF8660 this past spring. “This is the first tractor we’ve owned with a CVT, which has been super-smooth. Between that and the Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM) system, we’re getting significantly better fuel economy than we were with the White 8510 that we were previously using on the planter.”