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Farmers Fresh Market

The Farmers Fresh Market website serves the same function as any marketplace: it brings buyers and sellers together. The sellers are made up of local farmers and food producers. The buyers are chefs and restaurants, green grocers, and individuals residing only a short distance away from the farms that grow the food.

Farmers sign up, start listing their available products, and maintain their online ‘store front’ by adding and removing products as necessary.

Buyers sign up, browse the products, and buy what they want. Depending on the size of the order (bulk or consumer sizes) your order will be shipped directly to your door (restaurants & wholesale buyers), or to a central drop off location that serves multiple customers (Metropolitan Buying Club).

All transactions are conducted through the website, and payments are automatically withdrawn from customers and automatically deposited into the farmers’ bank accounts.

Edible flowers from Jake's Farm are among the unique products available to chefs and the public at FFM.

Edible flowers from Jake’s Farm are among the unique products available to chefs and the public at FFM.

On delivery days, the farmers deliver the freshly harvested produce to Foothills Connect, where it is sorted by order number and then shipped directly to the specified drop off location—”picked, packed, and shipped within 24 hours.”

The Farmers Fresh Market online marketplace makes it possible to enjoy fresh, local food even if you are too busy to make it to the local tailgate market.

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