Still The Leader

The RazorBar™ decreases drying time, produces the cleanest possible cut and leaves the competition behind.

Today’s RazorBar models boast performance features that can’t be found on other disc headers on the market.

As the first to introduce a self-propelled windrower with a disc header in 1994, Hesston engineers have certainly learned a few things along the way. That’s why the current Hesston by Massey Ferguson® Model 9190 and Model 9192 RazorBar disc headers, designed for the 9005 Series SP Windrower, continue to lead the field in adaptability and performance.

According to Dean Morrell, AGCO product marketing manager for hay and forage equipment, today’s RazorBar models boast performance features—acquired from 17 years of experience—that can’t be found on other disc headers on the market. Chief among them is the hydraulic conditioner roll tension system that allows quick and easy adjustment to match crop conditions.

“Everyone else in the industry still uses springs on the conditioner rolls,” he relates. “Yet, the consistency of our hydraulic roll tension and the aggressive action of our fully engaged steel herringbone conditioner rolls can easily decrease drying time by at least half a day over competitive units. The Advanced Conditioner System,™ which incorporates two sets of conditioner rolls on the Model 9192, can cut drying time even more.”

The 9190 and 9192 RazorBar headers also feature a totally redesigned cutterbed to provide producers with the cleanest cut possible, while using the least amount of power and fuel. Despite the thin, spur-gear design it boasts wide-profile teeth that offer increased gear-to-gear contact and improved reliability.

“One interesting fact is that the cutterbed gears used in the RazorBar disc headers are actually forged and ground by AGCO POWER™, the corporate-owned engine manufacturer that builds the majority of engines for Massey Ferguson products,” Morrell explains. “As a result, they’re designed specifically for this application and are built with the strength to handle the load required to maximize the windrower productivity.”

RazorBar headers also incorporate sealed bearings—an industry exclusive—that don’t require constant lubrication, no matter the slope of the terrain. In the meantime, Hesston engineers increased the amount of overlap on the counter-rotating discs and increased both the disc size and disc speed for faster, cleaner cutting.

Other advanced features found only on the RazorBar header include augers on each end of the cutterbed and a turbulence reduction roll, or helper roll, located between the conditioner rolls and the cutterbed. Both innovations improve performance in light crops, making the Hesston by Massey Ferguson RazorBar the most versatile header in the industry.

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