From Sussex and I Know It

Is dairy work “sexy”?

By Richard Banks

Marcus, Nathan and Mike suit for a skate on the rink.

Marcus, Nathan and Mike suit for a skate on the rink.

FarmLife readers may remember the Brown family from the story we published about them in our winter 2010 issue. The story, titled “Hockey Dad,”detailed dairyman David Brown’s building of a hockey rink on his land for his four sons. Now the dairy is in the media spotlight again, thanks to one of the Brown boys, Nathan (shown with his brothers in the photo, right), and his friend, Jed Webster.

Back in late May, the two school chums posted a music video on YouTube titled “From Sussex and I Know It.” Put to the tune of “Sexy and I Know It,” the video details life in their small town of Sussex and working in a dairy. The video went viral, scoring half a million views within a month. Nathan and Jed even landed an appearance on national news program “Canada AM.”

According to Nathan’s mom, Edith, the video was done as a class project with the help of friend Jeremy Vincent. “They seem to be the ‘talk of the town’ right now,” says Edith. “They are just two boys who are very proud of their little hometown, and they are loving all the attention that Sussex is getting over their video.”