The Big Engine That Can

How does this engine increase its torque and power, yet save on fuel, as well as reduce emissions?

The AGCO Power engine.

The AGCO Power engine.

In this issue’s story titled “Through the Wringer,” both farmers who tested the new MF9560 Series combine raved about its AGCO Power™ Tier 4 interim engine. Dean Sleezer of Illinois even commented, “I’ve never run anything with so much torque and power. But even more amazing was the fuel economy.”

With AGCO Power engines now available in all Massey Ferguson tractors from 60 to 370 horsepower, as well as new combines and AGCO application equipment, we decided to take a closer look at this remarkable power plant. How does this engine increase its torque and power, yet save on fuel, as well as reduce emissions?

There are three enhancements involved when the new engines, like the one Sleezer mentions above, are compared to the previous Tier 3 model.

Pressure within the fuel injection system was increased nearly 50% to more thoroughly atomize fuel, improving diesel use and lowering overall fuel usage.

The addition of an industry-exclusive pivoting cooling system also helps improve fuel efficiency by capturing, cooling and directing unburned fuel back into the fuel system.

Use of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology, which helps the engine achieve Tier 4 interim emissions standards, also improves fuel efficiency through separation of engine settings and exhaust after treatment.

The result is that the Tier 4 interim AGCO Power engine uses up to 15% less fuel. Even when taking the use of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) into account, which is used with SCR technology, the total operation economy improves by more than 10%.

Remarkably, the 9.8-liter, 7-cylinder version of the engine provides an approximate 15% increase in torque and power. The engine also ensures torque rise to be rapid and remain high at lower engine speeds to ensure the most efficient operation and maximum fuel savings.

It’s true—you can have more with less—at least with AGCO Power.