Small Acreage, Quality Hay

No matter what size tractor you operate or how challenging your terrain, one of the new Massey Ferguson® Farmer DM Series mowers can handle the job.

By Amy Bickers

The new economical Massey Ferguson Farmer DM Series disc mowers offer an exact cut, plus even swaths and high-quality forage. The series’ four new models—the DM1305, DM1306, DM1308 and DM1309—match a wide range of horsepower requirements and are tough enough to handle just about any terrain.

“The farmer’s version of the DM Series can go from a 5’5″ cut to a 9’3″ cut,” says Dean Morrell, product marketing manager, hay and forage, for Massey Ferguson. “It’s a simpler mower than the professional models, so it can fit on lighter-duty tractors. It’s a terrific fit for those who farm 30 to 120 acres.”

Discs on the DM Series spin at 3,000 rpm, delivering a clean cut at a faster pace than a sicklebar mower. The low-profile design moves swiftly over challenging terrain and achieves a high-forage flow without material buildup.

Morrell says one of the major benefits of the DM Series is a spring-loaded anti-collision breakaway system. In the event the mower comes into contact with an object protruding from the ground, such as a rock or uneven terrain, the system allows the mower to pivot backward, giving the operator time to stop and avoid serious damage to the equipment.

“We’ve designed these new Farmer DM Series disc mowers to give farmers and ranchers an advantage in speed, efficiency and durability,” says Morrell. “They’re made to handle the tough realities of hay production, no matter the size of the tractor or the farm.”

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