“Cheaper” Can Be Misleading

AGCO Advanced net wrap provides exceptional strength and value, and fewer hassles than brands that appear, at least at first, to be lower cost.

Round bale producers who use AGCO brand net wrap can also expect exceptional quality and savings. Available in both Professional and Advanced grades, AGCO net wrap offers a minimum length guarantee, to ensure customers receive the number of feet of wrap they paid for; maximum UV protection, and side-to-side coverage.

“However, one of the best features of our Advanced net wrap,” says Carl Gunnarson, AGCO Parts senior product specialist for hay and harvest parts, “is the extra strength in the middle to prevent splitting. Instead of the traditional ‘Z’ pattern, weft lines are reinforced with an ‘X’ pattern for increased tensile strength.”

While the Advanced grade is ideal for rough crops like corn stalks, many producers are also finding they can use fewer wraps in normal crops, making it more cost effective in the long run.

“Whether a customer is buying net wrap or twine, I recommend comparing the price per foot versus total package cost,” says Doug Vahrenberg, with Vahrenberg Implement, the Massey Ferguson dealer in Higginsville, Missouri.

“Because of its quality, AGCO’s Net Wrap requires less wraps—many times half the wraps required to do the same job as cheap net wrap. So the cheap net wrap would have to be half price to be more economical, and that doesn’t factor in the cost for additional wrapping time and changing rolls more frequently. Time is money.”

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