Dealer Support Is ‘Unbelievable’

Count on your AGCO dealer to keep you running.

Your local AGCO dealer is a terrific resource for information about how to operate and maintain your AGCO equipment and a partner in your efforts to maximize uptime. They’ve been known to go over and above the call of duty on behalf of their customers. Consider this example from Dave Stucke:

“We deal with North Star [Hardware & Implement] up here. Their dealer support is unbelievable. I tell everybody this story.

“I had trouble one Saturday with my combine, and the service technician, Tom Greenwood, who’s been out working on combines all day, knows I’m out there on this particular Saturday night. We got the problem fixed, and still, later, Tom calls me on his way home at midnight and asks me, ‘Hey, you got any other problems? Do I need to stop?’

“That is,” continues Dave, “a hell of a technician that calls me and asks me if I got any problems at midnight.”

In addition to your local dealer, there are other resources from AGCO to help answer questions as well as provide training. For more on these resources, contact AGCO Answers, 1-877-525-4384, or visit

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