“It Couldn’t Be Any Simpler”

The Massey Ferguson GC2410 helps Newby run Suncoast Equine.

Newby and his Massey Ferguson GC2410

Newby and his Massey Ferguson GC2410

“I actually couldn’t operate the place without it,” Mark Newby says of his Massey Ferguson GC2410.

“It’s small enough to get into the stalls and maneuver around a lot of the obstacles that I have out in the obstacle training area,” says the owner of Suncoast Equine, a horse-training facility. “Just by looking at its size, you might think it was not very powerful, but it certainly has enough power to do everything that I need, and it’s four-wheel drive. It’s just perfect for me.”

In addition to cleaning the stables and mowing in tight spaces, “everything” includes mowing larger pastures, using his rotary mower to clear riding trails in fast-growing wooded areas, digging post holes for a sizable fence, and raking and leveling his riding arena. He’s also used his Massey Ferguson backhoe and front loader for such tasks as digging a hole and moving the dirt for a septic tank and a trench for electrical conduit.

Newby, a retired policeman, had not operated a tractor before the MFGC2410. “The only type of machinery I’d ever used was a riding lawnmower, but my tractor is just very easy to use. To engage the pto, there are two levers,” he says. “It has a hydrostatic transmission. It couldn’t be any simpler.”

There are no gears, as with some of the other tractors he considered. Instead, it just has two pedals. “That’s probably one of the greatest advantages.”

The MFGC2410, says Newby, has also been trouble-free, requiring just routine maintenance. For that he uses John Mason Tractor in Brooksville, Fla.

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