Land Management

Befriending Bats

Attract bats as natural pest control for yards, gardens and fields.

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Give A Bat A Home

Tips for providing habitats to attract insect-eating bats to your yard and garden.

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Cover crops being grown in a garden.

Cover Crops For the Garden

Easy-to-grow cover crops replenish and protect garden soil.

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9 Tips for Starting a Nursery

Want a great return on small acreage? How about a nursery? See our best tips for getting started.

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Ag Land vs. Big Apple Parking (Infographic)

While farmland may not be dirt cheap, at least it’s not as precious as a parking space in New York City.

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Preserving a Farm’s Beauty in North Carolina’s Big Sandy Mush

How one couple restored a bucolic farmstead and realized a dream.

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Football to Farm

A Dallas college has devised a unique way to make a food desert bloom.

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Our Best Tips on Restoring a Pasture

Advice on how to create healthy pastureland, nutritious forage, and hay or wildlife cover for years to come.

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Crowdfunding the Farm

A new funding model helps farmers raise capital.

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Click to enlarge: During the last century, global water use rose at more than twice the rate of population growth.

Infographic To Share: Agricultural Water Usage in North America

Just how much water do North American farmers use?

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