Land Management

Reading The Sky

Our ability to predict the weather has advanced gradually for decades, with great benefit to farmers. How far out can we get?

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Changing With The Times

A varied and productive portfolio has proved successful for Richard Berry & Sons.

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Winter Bird Migration: Have A Nice Flight

How food, water, and shelter make farmland a key habitat for ducks and geese during the winter. Improve bird populations and hunting opportunities.

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Follow These Steps To Grow High-Yielding Winter Wheat

“That will never work in my area.” Growers often say this when presented with the idea of raising high-yielding winter wheat.

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Houdini Acts

One couple escaped to the country, along with a lovable—if troublesome—herd of “mini-mules.”

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Rex Reyher stands by a center-pivot irrigation system on his farm.

Water In His Veins

A fourth-generation farmer comes back home with family and hopes in tow.

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Henbit: Harbinger Of Spring

When it comes to the blush of pinkish-purple that one sees spreading across roadside fields or the edges of lawns in early spring, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

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Befriending Bats

Attract bats as natural pest control for yards, gardens and fields.

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Give A Bat A Home

Tips for providing habitats to attract insect-eating bats to your yard and garden.

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Cover crops being grown in a garden.

Cover Crops For the Garden

Easy-to-grow cover crops replenish and protect garden soil.

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