First-Generation Dream

How a kid from suburban Virginia grew up to be the Southeastern Farmer of the Year.

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Sonia and Jimmy Smithers stand smiling with their horse, Patch.

The Sky Is The Limit

Horses and hay are simply heaven for Jimmy and Sonia Smithers.

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Going the Distance: Growing Alfalfa to Export

When customers pay to have alfalfa shipped more than 5,000 miles, they expect to receive maximum feed value.

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Balancing Hay Quality and Quantity

Because they grow most of their own forages, this Washington state dairy owner strives for a balance between tons and nutrition.

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Steve Hicks kneels down on his farm in Indiana.

Back To The Future

While growing his herd size, this Indiana producer also enriches his soil via cover crops and tried-and-true grazing practices.

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Lessons Learned With Indiana Farmer Steve Hicks

Pride in your work, learned this Indiana farmer, makes all the difference.

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Alpacas Are Cool Critters

At Marble River Farm in upstate New York, the cute, coltish, quirky alpaca still gets a lot of love.

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Water In Winter

A frost-free fount eliminates chopping ice to water livestock when ponds, hoses and troughs are frozen.

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Paying It Forward

A couple from Maine honors their farming heritage by offering the next generation a helping hand.

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Lessons Learned With Lifetime Farmers Mike and Betsy Holt

A couple from Maine discusses mistakes they made, working together as a team, and the best advice they ever received.

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