Challenger Track Tractors: Nimble Workhorses

This California organic farmer requires horsepower, yet needs to reduce compaction. Where did he turn? Challenger.

Chris Bunn extensively uses three Challenger® tractors on his farm, all purchased in 2009. “All of our Challengers have excellent power, fuel efficiency and very friendly user applications,” he remarks. “Soil compaction in our Blanco adobe soil conditions is extremely important, and the Challengers all float across our fields with great comfort and speed like ships on the sea!”

Bunn uses his Challenger MT765B for disking and light groundwork. The 320-HP tractor offers a smooth field ride and reliable utility. And wide belts and tread spacing reduce berming created by many other track tractors.

Challenger MT765B tractor

Chris Bunn with his Challenger MT765B tractor.

He uses his two Challenger MT835Cs for heavy groundwork, like ripping and subsoiling. The two 410-HP tractors feature speed-sensitive differential steering, 30-inch tracks with and without ballast, 16 forward and four reverse gears, and an independent PTO, making for a powerful, yet nimble workhorse. On average, says Bunn, the MT835C’s fuel efficiency is 23 gallons per hour when running at full horsepower. The tractors also feature adjustable, vibration-reduction seats for comfort. “They’re great workhorses,” he says of his Challengers.

Bunn’s dealer is Quinn Company in Salinas. “We’ve been with Quinn for 70 years,” Bunn says of his family’s relationship over the past three generations.  “They’re great, fine people with good machinery. The people who support your equipment are so important.”

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