Doing More With Less

Tech advancements now available on the Massey Ferguson 8700 Series tractors set a new standard in ease of use, compatibility and operator control.

By Jeff Caldwell

A new, intuitive control terminal and AGCO’s continued commitment to exceptionally compatible software helps producers cover more ground in less time and manage inputs with even greater precision.

To begin with, the new Datatronic 5 Control Center Display (CCD))—fitted as standard on Massey Ferguson 8700 Series tractors—is easy to use, offering a more convenient approach to machine and implement control. It features a 9-inch touchscreen terminal with a simplified menu. Easy-to-recognize icons bring the user a consistent experience across all menu functions used to control the tractor, implements and onboard technologies.

“The Datatronic 5 terminal is ISOBUS-compatible, which basically means it can talk to implements manufactured by other vendors,” says Joe Whorton, tactical marketing manager for high-horsepower tractors. “It also offers an advanced suite of features, including recordkeeping, mapping, automatic section controls, variable-rate applications, and comprehensive fleet and machinery monitoring.”

The power of the Datatronic 5 lies in its compatibility, as well as its unique combination of comprehensive machinery controls and software. The terminal allows the operator to not only control equipment, but collect critical data and analyze it to ultimately yield decision-ready information on key crop variables.

“The operator can record data quickly and easily to create field records, make job reports and keep accurate input records,” Whorton says. “This information can be transferred simply and wirelessly from the terminal in a format compatible with most farm management software. You can add GPS positions to data, and transfer that information to field management and mapping software in real time.”

The direct, actionable data doesn’t stop there. To help cut down on input waste and save on overall cost, while maximizing yield potential, the TaskDoc® Pro feature of the Datatronic 5 CCD lets the operator create variable-rate prescriptions and automatically adjust rates according to GPS-based location data within each field. All the while, the AgCommand® system monitors equipment, using telemetry to connect all machines to a computer, smartphone or tablet.

The result of all of these tools working together on a single, compatible in-cab platform is a system that maximizes the utility of every machine in operation, letting the operator get the most from his or her fieldwork, crop inputs and time.

Adds Massey Ferguson Marketing Services Director Campbell Scott: “Massey Ferguson engineers have invested 30 years of experience in creating the fifth generation of Datatronic. It delivers users an advanced precision-farming terminal, which is straightforward and intuitive to use, and helps boost efficiency, productivity and profitability.”

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