Excellent AGCO Equipment From a Trusted Family Dealer

From Challenger and Massey Ferguson tractors, to planters, service and sprayers, this farmer says she’s as committed to AGCO as they are to her family farm.

By Nancy Dorman-Hickson | Photos By Christy Couch Lee

“We’ve always been happy with the [AGCO] equipment,” says Emma Nelson. “Honestly, I haven’t ever really scouted out other equipment or thought about changing.” The century-old corn and soybean Prange farm in New Palestine, Indiana, has deep ties to AGCO. “We have a Challenger MT565B and a Challenger MT665C,” she cites, “and we have an MF2680 small utility tractor,” she says, talking about their Massey Ferguson. In addition, the farm owns a White Planters™ 9812 narrow transport planter, a GSI® Tower Dryer and two older Challenger tractors.

“We knew we’d need to transition the 565B to running the drill,” explains Emma. “We also use it to run augers.” That meant purchasing a second tractor. “We bought the 665C to run the planter, but also because it had enough horsepower to run the tillage tool if we needed it.” She praises both of the Challenger tractors’ versatility, and for roadside mowing and running the grain auger, the MF2680 also suits their needs, while being fuel-efficient and durable.

Before he passed away in 2011, Emma’s dad, Bruce Prange, purchased their RoGator® RG994. When Emma stepped in, she found the RoGator easy to use. “We added a monitor in the sprayer, so it keeps all my records there instead of [us] hand-writing the records,” she adds. “It also draws maps, which helps me see where I might need to spray again.”

Last year, they added a monitor to the White Planters 9812, which allowed individual row shutoff. “In our planter before, you could only shut off half the planter at a time,” she says. “Now, if I only need two rows, I can have the planter do two rows.”

MacAllister Machinery serves Prange Farms’ equipment needs. “We have had very good luck with them coming out either the same day or first thing the next morning, if we need them to,” Emma says.

In addition to helping family members learn how to operate equipment, Emma adds that the dealership “usually has parts readily available.” Besides, she adds with a smile, “I’ve been picking up parts from them for so long, I think they kind of adopted me.”