Innovative, Reliable and Efficient AGCO Equipment

On this farm in northern Alberta, Fendt is quickly establishing its value.

By Doug Johnson | Photos By Jeff McIntosh

In Alberta’s Peace River region where Lance Hingley farms canola and grass seeds, as well as wheat and peas, the winters are long and growing seasons short. “It’s really important, because we have such short windows, to make sure your equipment is reliable,” Hingley says. “I like to have [equipment] that has a history of serving me well.” But in 2016, he went out on a limb and bought a Fendt® 1050 Vario from Agriterra Equipment in Grande Prairie. It has quickly proved its worth.

Hingley bought the Fendt based on the brand’s reputation and his positive experience with other AGCO® machines. Just about as soon as it arrived, he found he’d made the right choice. “They’re a class above every other tractor,” Hingley says.

The smooth ride is second to none, he adds; the continuously variable transmission (CVT), which makes adjustments simple, is “very impressive.” Its combination of 500 HP with a fixed frame means that “it will do anything,” from plowing snow to hauling equipment.   

In Hingley’s remote corner of the world, too, the built-in autosteer system has been a godsend. With other brands, he says, “you sit at the end of the field for half an hour before the GPS kicks in.” With the Fendt, “it’s just instant. You turn it on and it kicks.”

Hingley also runs a TerraGator® TG8400B and a RoGator® RG1100C. With their AGCO® Power™ engines, the self-propelled application tools have a ton of power, and yet “they run smooth in the field,” Hingley says.

“They’re simple and reliable, built very strong—you can just look at the iron in them.” He’s been particularly impressed with new technology in the RG1100C, which saves him around 30 minutes a day, he estimates, thanks to LiquidLogic® and FlowLogic™ continuous recirculation and self-priming capabilities, while the ClearFlow™ full-recovery system ensures there’s no waste and helps save money as well as time.

The employees at Agriterra “have treated me special,” Hingley adds. The manager, Tyler Bodnaruk, stops by Hingley’s farm whenever he’s in the area, just to make sure there are still no problems to solve. “It’s a nice feeling when you’ve got somebody looking after you,” Hingley says. 

Great service, exceptional tractor—that’s why earlier this year he went back for his latest purchase: a Fendt 824 Vario. It was only a matter of time, he admits. “Once I had that 1050, I wanted another one that runs the same.”