Massey Ferguson® 1700M Series: Clean and Easy

The innovative new Massey Ferguson® 1700M Series saves owners money and increases uptime.

By Boyce Upholt | Photos By AGCO Corp.

For many tractor owners, meeting the EPA’s strict emissions standards means high costs and too much mess. But the five models in the new Massey Ferguson 1700M Series, ranging from 36 to 60 HP, utilize hassle-free technology, decreasing costs while increasing uptime. It’s an upgrade that makes these all-around workhorses even more indispensable in a wide range of uses.

Most tractors depend on a diesel particulate filter to meet current federal emissions standards. Yet, when these filters get filled with soot, the engine is programmed to “burn off” the trapped particulate. “That can lead to hassles,” explains Jeffrey Ratliff, tactical marketing manager for AGCO.® “Sometimes you can’t shut the engine down when you would like, because you might interrupt the filter regeneration process. And you need to take care when and where a filter regeneration occurs due to the heat required for burn off.” The repair process can be costly, too; new filters run up to $2,000, and simply cleaning some filters can cost as much as $1,500.

In the 1700M Series, filters have been replaced by an exhaust gas recirculation valve and a diesel oxidation catalyst, which recirculate and reuse portions of the exhaust, then convert emissions into harmless gases. These new tools are built into efficient Shibaura diesel engines—a 3-cylinder engine in the Massey Ferguson 1735M and MF1740M, and a 4-cylinder engine in the MF1750M, MF1755M and MF1760M—and last the life of the machine. “We’ve seen such great success with the Shibaura engines in our economy compact line, so placing them in our latest premium compact tractors made so much sense,” Ratliff says.

A High-End Workhorse

The 1700M Series exemplifies the idea of versatility. A range of transmissions makes these tractors a terrific fit into just about any farm. The 12 x 12 power-shuttle transmission offers an expansive range of speeds—without requiring clutching when starting up or changing directions. The electronically controlled 3-range hydrostatic transmission, meanwhile, can be set on cruise control, and allows operators to hit their desired speed without ever shifting gears.

These tractors’ adaptability is increased by a 540-rpm independent rear PTO, standard in all models. Those who need even more options can add a 2,000-rpm mid-mount PTO, which engages with the simple twist of a knob. The rear 3-point hitch can handle 2,535 pounds—and up to 3,086 pounds for the MF1750M and MF1760M. Also, the tractors include a five-year power train warranty, offering owners peace of mind as well as terrific service when it’s needed. 

A tractor this practical is bound to be used often, which is why the new Deluxe Cab ensures that working is comfortable and fun. Available as an option on the MF1740M, MF1750M and MF1760M models, this cab includes an air-ride seat and Bluetooth stereo. The LED work lamps, redesigned sun visor and rear windshield defroster make sure drivers can see in all conditions. And a new mesh storage pocket on the cab headliner keeps manuals and other paperwork on hand for complex jobs

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