Massey Ferguson Fits the Farm-It-Right Philosophy

Doing things right takes more work, more time… but the right tractor can help keep it all efficient.

By Jamie Cole | Photos By Jamie Cole

It must be comforting, if you’re looking to do things right, when your tractor falls right in line. “This equipment has a lot of features, a lot of cool things about it,” says Clark Heman. “You need to take the time to set up that equipment right.” Clark farms with his dad Ronnie and brother Travis on land east of Kansas City near Napoleon, Missouri (see the full story here). It’s an area with challenging river-bluff land that the family has spent generations tiling and terracing; land that still requires a lot of maintenance, making efficient equipment a necessity.

The family’s Massey Ferguson dealer says the Hemans are well aware of what they need. “They’re a very educated buyer,” says Doug Vahrenberg of Vahrenberg Implement in Higginsville, Missouri. “They educate themselves, looking for the stuff that’s going to help them be profitable on their operation. The CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) and the AGCO Power engine are two of the things that kept them looking at Massey Ferguson.”

Pedal mode on the tractor works great for an auger wagon… (scroll/swipe right) …and the Datatronic 5 stores equipment settings.

The Hemans have been looking at Massey Ferguson for decades. “My grandpa started out with a Ferguson 40,” Clark begins, then lists off a long ownership history that includes the 65, 75, 175, 275, 399, 583… you get the very red picture. The family just upgraded their MF8650—“we really liked the 8650,” notes Clark—with a new MF8732S. Massey Ferguson lists the 8700 S Series as “the most powerful tractor Massey Ferguson has ever built,” and while the Hemans appreciate the extra horsepower, it was the technology that sealed the deal.

“This equipment has a lot of features, a lot of cool things about it.”Click To Tweet

Besides two additional hydraulic remote outlets and standard Auto-Guide™ that virtually eliminates overlap, Clark says the Datatronic 5 9-inch touchscreen and its added functionality is “one of the coolest features about the whole tractor.” Settings for any implement can be stored and repeated, saving time; additionally, ISOBUS allows any implement manufacturer’s controls to be displayed on the screen, reducing monitor clutter in the cab. “You just go in there and two clicks… and boom, you’re ready to plant or run the auger wagon or whatever,” says Clark.

Meanwhile, pedal mode helps keep hands free when doing field work (watch the video below for more).


“Support and service for parts, that’s very, very important,” says Clark. And working with Vahrenberg has an added benefit. “Doug is second to none on product knowledge,” says Clark, noting that sometimes farmers know more than dealers when it comes to equipment benefits and features. “I was very impressed with his knowledge of how you can equip the tractors, the options… he is very knowledgeable.”

The Hemans have chosen Massey Ferguson many times before, but the brand still earns their investment. “We’re just not always looking for the cheapest,” Clark says. “We’re looking for something that will perform and do what we want it to do.” The MF8732S checked the boxes.

Meanwhile, Vahrenberg says he had other farmers interested in the traded-in MF8650, since the Hemans have such a reputation for taking care of their equipment. “They are probably one of the cleanest operators out there, and their stuff is pristine,” he says.

“Yeah,” says Clark, “whether it be keeping the farm looking nice, or keeping the tractors cleaned up… whatever we do, we try to do it right.”