Massey Ferguson: The Right Tools for the Job

Good equipment and a top-notch dealer keep Dan Forsea’s operation humming.

Forsea with his Massey Ferguson tractor.

Forsea with his Massey Ferguson tractor.

The mountain ranges where Dan Forsea’s cow herd spends its summers are way too steep for any equipment, even a 4-wheeler. However, he depends on Massey Ferguson® tractors for chores at his Eagle Valley headquarters.

“We have two 7480 Massey Ferguson tractors. One is 4 years old and one is almost a year old. All the controls are the same and we can jump from one tractor to another. They also have good visibility.”

Forsea also bought a Massey Ferguson 1372 12-foot-wide swather disc mower last year. He puts up timothy, orchardgrass and clover hay, as well as some alfalfa, to winter his cow herd and to background his yearlings before he sells them. His Hesston 980 tractor has also been going strong since 1981.

Besides putting up hay, Forsea uses the tractors to feed hay and to drag his hay meadows, which he also uses for pasture at times.

While Forsea appreciates the reliability of Massey Ferguson equipment, he appreciates the dealer, Robbins Equipment Company in Baker City, Ore., even more.

“As much as anything, I’ve had good luck with the dealer,” Forsea says. “I’ve dealt with Robbins since ‘82. I’ve stayed with them and they’ve stayed with me.”

He continues, “They stand behind what they sell, and they do what they need to do to keep me happy. They’ve been good to deal with. Whatever they sell, I buy. It has worked well for both of us.”

Forsea has primarily worked with owner Denzil Robbins, but also appreciates employee Judd Wright. “He is a young fella, a good kid.” Head mechanic Doug Newman is his go-to man when he needs help troubleshooting over the phone. “He’s a good guy,” says Forsea.

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