Pick the Planter You Want

White Planters™ VE planters and VER toolbars make it economical to get the right technology for your fields.

By Boyce Upholt | Photos By Marc Ward

When pairing other brands with industry-leading Precision Planting® technology, growers often have to pay for a fully outfitted planter, only to switch out duplicate components. By contrast, AGCO® White Planters customers are free to invest in only the technology they want from the start.

For example, the new White Planters Vacuum Electric Ready (VER) toolbars are fully customizable and ready for easy installation of the latest Precision Planting components and systems. These toolbars consist of the same proven cast-iron 9000 row units as all White Planters, but don’t include drives and seed meters, allowing complete grower choice.

“AGCO developed these toolbars so growers can customize a White Planters planter with the Precision Planting components they want in the row width right for their needs,” says Tom Draper, strategic marketing manager for Seeding and Tillage at AGCO. “It was all about the growers. Our aim was to improve their return on investment with a superior planting system.”

The 9500VER, a harness-free frame built for narrow rows, comes in three sizes—23-row, 15-inch row spacing; 24-row, 20-inch spacing; and 24-row, 22-inch spacing. The stack-folding, wide-row 9700VER toolbar is available in five sizes—12-row with 30-, 36-, 38- or 40-inch row spacing; and a 16-row with 30-inch row spacing.

Factory-Installed Convenience

Growers, of course, can purchase a planter from the White Planters 9200VE, 9800VE or 9900VE Series, on which core Precision Planting technology comes factory-installed. The vDrive® electric drive system, vSet® seed meters and 20/20 Gen 3 SeedSense® monitor, all standard on White Planters VE planters, together ensure 99%-plus seed singulation. “We’ve proved that on our own plots with Crop Tour over the past three years,” Draper says. Ideally spaced seeds lead to even and consistent emergence and higher yields.

Whatever the choice—VE or VER—“growers can custom-finish their planter with other components through Precision Planting dealers,” Draper notes. CleanSweep®, a cab-adjusted row cleaner, will remove residues that can delay emergence; Keeton® Seed Firmers will ensure seeds are fully embedded in the bottom of the trench; and vApplyHD® consolidates liquid control in a simple, accurate system. Growers also can order White Planters models with new brackets that make it easy to snap in FurrowJet® fertilizer attachments, which put down three bands of starter phosphorus in and beside the furrow.

Another new option, available on a limited basis in 2019 through Precision Planting Premier Dealers, is the Conceal™ system. Conceal replaces standard gauge wheels with a grooved wheel that guides an applicator knife, ensuring consistent and hassle-free nitrogen placement.

Whatever the choices, the important thing is getting planting right to help ensure consistent emergence, Draper says, and “that translates to higher yields and obviously great returns on a grower’s investment. It’s that simple.”

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