Planting Perfection with the Massey Ferguson VE Series MFVF24

This Missouri farmer trusts the speed and accuracy of the Massey Ferguson® VE Series to get his crops in the ground.

By Jason Jenkins | Photos By Jason Jenkins

When it comes time for the planter to roll each spring, Preston Owen is like any other farmer: He has no time to dawdle. And with 6,000 row-crop acres spread across six northwest Missouri counties, it’s even more imperative that he gets in and out of the field and down the road to the next one as quickly as possible. (See the full story here.)

So, when the time came to select a new planter, Owen opted for the Massey Ferguson VE Series MFVF24-30 — a 24-row, high-speed, front-fold, narrow transport planter with a central fill system. Drawing on a legacy of dependable and proven design from White Planters, the Massey Ferguson VE Series is a straightforward, durable planter that delivers consistent, accurate seed placement for optimum yields.

“It checked all the boxes for what we needed in a planter,” says Owen, who operates Show-Me Farms in Polo, Missouri. “It was also cost effective compared to its industry counterparts, even before factoring in AGCO’s multiunit discount.”


Owen’s previous planter had been retrofitted with Precision Planting® products, so he ordered his Massey Ferguson with many of these technologies installed right at the factory — including vSet2® seed meters, SpeedTube® seed delivery system for high-speed planting and DeltaForce® automated row-by-row downforce control. Owen also added an onboard liquid fertilizer system with FurrowJet,® which allows him to apply starter fertilizer in the furrow while planting.

“Probably the best attribute of this planter is the high-speed planting with hydraulic downforce,” Owen says. “In optimal field conditions, we’re able to plant at speeds up to 10 mph, and our seed placement and singulation is just about perfect. Putting that liquid fertilizer in the seed trench also helps us achieve even emergence.”

He says that not only is setting the planting depth on the VE Series easy, but the Massey Ferguson also holds the depth more reliably than his previous planter.

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Tracing his affinity for AGCO equipment to the Allis-Chalmers dealership his mother’s family once owned, Owen currently pulls his VE Series with a Fendt® 942 Vario. However, thanks Precision’s 20/20® Gen3 monitor, the Massey Ferguson planter could be pulled by a tractor of any color, he says.

Owen adds that his AGCO dealer, Ziegler Ag Equipment in Chillicothe, Missouri, offers service and support that far exceeds what he received from his previous dealer of a different equipment manufacturer.

“From some of our farthest farms, we’ll pass two or three of those other dealerships on our way to get to Ziegler,” Owen says. “We go the extra mile to get to them because they really go the extra mile for us.”