Smarter Driving

The new Dash Control Center on the Massey Ferguson® 5600 Series tractors provides unprecedented control and efficiency.

By Tharran E. Gaines



Providing features never before available in a 90- to 130-hp tractor, the Dash Control Center (DCC) on the recently introduced Massey Ferguson 5600 Series helps reduce fuel usage, as well as wear and tear on the equipment and operator. Key components of the system include a digital display on the dash instrument panel and an input keypad, both of which allow the operator to manage a wide variety of electronic tractor functions that promise to make loader work and field tasks even more efficient. Here are just a few of the benefits offered by the DCC.

Shift/Shuttle Modulation

Adjust or modulate the intensity of the shuttle and the shift to match the job and personal preference. You can even adjust how aggressively the transmission shifts gears in each direction and customize the settings for different operators or operations. In effect, it allows the operator to choose a softer engagement for something like loader work and a more aggressive start for a job like plowing.

Auto-N Function

Ideal for loader work and stop-and-go operations, Auto-N automatically shifts the transmission to neutral when both brake pedals are applied at speeds less than 9 mph. The system automatically re-engages upon release, and can be turned on and off with the DCC.

Anti-Stall Function

Ideal for tillage and heavy draft applications, Anti-Stall automatically shifts the transmission to neutral when engine speed drops below 650 rpm to prevent lug-down and stalling. Like Auto-N, the function can be turned on and off in the DCC.


An optional feature with DCC, Auto-Drive allows the tractor to operate like a car with an automatic transmission. In other words, the operator need only use the hand throttle or foot pedal to control engine speed, and the tractor upshifts and/or downshifts automatically. Using the roller dials and on/off buttons, the operator can also set the maximum gear and the maximum engine speed for shifting.


Included with the Auto-Drive system, Dyna-TM allows the operator to set minimum and maximum engine speeds, and to tie engine speeds to tractor functions, such as activation of the PTO, 3-point hitch or hydraulic valve—ensuring that power is always available to handle an application without the need to continually adjust the throttle.