Sunflower Tillage Blades: Tested, Tough, Top-Performing

Designed for durability and to deliver superior performance in the field, Genuine Sunflower Replacement Blades offer farmers a proven edge.

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Cutting through tough, hybrid crop residue and hard-packed soils, Sunflower vertical tillage tools lead the industry in innovation and performance. But to keep these best-in-class tools operating at their best and helping to prepare the ideal seedbed, be sure to use Genuine Sunflower Replacement Blades.

Made with the highest quality materials, exacting manufacturing methods and rigorous testing—Sunflower Genuine Replacement Blades lead the industry in durability and performance. Here’s just a partial list for what sets them apart from the competition.

Material Quality

The best disc blades start with the finest materials. Sunflower utilizes proprietary boron steel to provide best-in-class durability. It’s steel that’s hardened enough to break through the toughest conditions, yet flexible and ductile to resist fracturing if you hit rock.

Advanced Manufacturing

Precise robotic cutting and manufacturing equipment guarantees exact dimensions and sharpness. Water quenching, after-heat treatment sets the blade shape to eliminate wobble, and adds to the overall flexible performance and durability of our disc for the most accurate, consistent tilling.

The Edge

State-of-the-art manufacturing produces an exact edge on every disc. Such consistency allows your tillage tools to operate at peak performance to effortlessly slice through genetically engineered corn, soybean and other crop residue to create ideal growing conditions, getting the work done right, fast and not wasting fuel.

Quality Testing

Every batch of discs goes through a battery of tests to ensure the highest quality and durability.

Ball Testing: Sunflower disc blades from each batch are tested by forcing a one-inch ball through a half-inch hole in three areas of the blade. The forced-ball test measures the metal’s response to deformation and cracking, allowing our engineers to confidently project our replacement parts’ reaction to field stress. Virgin boron steel means you’re getting the best, toughest parts for your tilling conditions.

Deflection Testing: Heavy pressure is repeatedly applied to the disc to guarantee it will return to its original shape. This ensures the correct mix of proprietary ingredients are used and confirms the toughness of the blade and its ability to withstand repeated impacts. That means less downtime, lower replacement costs and more profit.

Rockwell Testing: Each Rockwell point is equivalent to a 10% longer wear life. Our blades consistently test at 52 Rockwell. Any higher and the steel can become brittle and won’t flex upon impact. Too low and the disc is too flexible and won’t penetrate the soil effectively and retain its edge. Sunflower technology investments pay off in the field.

Penetrate hard soil and easily cut tough crop residue with the proprietary Sunflower® Saber Blade™. Saber blades pair a fluted design with a low concavity that creates a soil lifting action unmatched by any competitor’s offering. Greater soil tilth means soil nutrients and water get to where your crop can use it—the roots—without exposing your soil to erosion or drying.

Sunflower Saber Blade™

Each blade has 25 full-depth flutes and features an innovative saw tooth design that maintains its cutting edge, allowing it to cut through tough crop residue throughout the life of the blade. Compared to conventional blades that become dull and inefficient as they wear, this design allows for the disc to maintain its cutting ability as it wears down. Farming is about profits and this blade delivers.

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