The Gingue Brothers: Buying the MF8660

Dan and Shawn Gingue explain why the family returned to Massey Ferguson and purchased an MF8660.

Top Five: Why We Bought the MF8660

1) Our Massey dealer, Keeno Chilafoux, from Northeast Farm Sales & Service. “He was eager to work with us and gave us more for our trade and the best price the first time.“

2) The CVT transmission. “It’s so simple and smooth. After demoing the tractor, we didn’t want to ever shift a tractor again. Together with the CVT, the cab suspension and front suspension make such a smooth ride and [cause] less fatigue throughout a day’s work. This tractor honestly rides smoother than my pickup.”

3) The five-year/5,000-hour warranty.

4) 33-mph road speed. “That’s a big factor for us because we move 70 miles between our farms. With our other tractor it took over three hours at 26 mph; we’ve cut that down to two hours and 15 minutes, saving fuel, road rage and time.”

5) Fuel efficiency. “That’s one of the biggest advantages. I can pull a 6,200-gallon manure spreader all day and average 5 gallons an hour. Pushing and packing silage, I’m burning about 2 gallons per hour. That’s big savings.”

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