The Massey Ferguson 4610 Low-Profile Tractor

A new low-profile Massey Ferguson tractor is already proving valuable in a wide range of operations.

By Tharran E. Gaines

MF4610 Lo-Pro

MF4610 Lo-Pro

Savdeep Sran was so impressed with the new MF4610LP utility tractor from Massey Ferguson that he bought eight of them. Used in the almond and pistachio operation Sran owns with his father and brother, the rugged, low-profile machines were also purchased to replace several John Deere tractors.

According to Sran, the family had always run Deere in the past, but after experiencing a few frustrating problems, they decided it was time for a change at their Diamond West Farming Co. in Kerman, Calif. “One of the things we liked about the 4610LP was the simpler Tier 4i emissions control system,” he says.

“Some of the other brands have a lot more that can go wrong. The 4610LP meets emissions standards without a diesel particulate filter that has to be regenerated, and without the need for extra maintenance. We also considered the reputation for service from Quinn Company, which is the Massey Ferguson dealer in our area.

“We’ve had no complaints at all with the tractors,” Sran continues. “They’re pretty fuel efficient, have good lift capacity and are easy to operate.”

Based on the extremely popular MF4600 Series utility tractors, the MF4610LP features several unique alterations to help it achieve a lower overall profile. Among them is a new ROPS design with a lower folding point, which permits an overall tractor height of 69.8 inches when folded. New, smaller tire offerings also reduce the overall height of the tractor.

“Other unique features include steel rear fenders that hug the tires so branches and vegetation slide past without damage to trees … or the tires,” says Warren Morris, AGCO advanced product marketing manager for under-150-HP tractors. “The 4610LP also features a horizontal exhaust that emits to the side of the tractor and away from the operator. The controls for the PTO, hydraulic remotes and 3-point hitch have been relocated just below the fender to the right of the operator’s seat, still within easy reach, while reducing the overall height of the tractor.”

Available in a 4WD ROPS configuration only, the MF4610LP is rated at 99 engine HP and 80 PTO HP, which is the same as the standard MF4610. It also features the same 3.3-liter, 3-cylinder diesel engine and 12×12 power shuttle transmission with an optional creeper.

“Even though we’re seeing a lot of the 4610LP models going out West for specialty crops, they’re also showing a lot of potential in the poultry industry,” Morris says. “The features that make them popular in the orchard are just as valuable in low-clearance poultry barns throughout the Midwest and South.”