The Massey Ferguson 4700 Series Cab: Bigger, Stronger, Quieter

On the Massey Ferguson® 4700 Series tractors, a new trend-setting cab raises the bar even higher.

By Tharran E. Gaines

When they were introduced this past winter, the farm press was already abuzz with headlines and accolades for the new world-class Massey Ferguson 4700 Series tractors. After all, the industry finally has a utility tractor that was designed for heavier and larger implements, draft work and demanding applications that required more strength and power.

Massey Ferguson is once again turning heads with the new 4700 Series cab.

Massey Ferguson is once again turning heads with the new 4700 Series cab.

Available in four models from 70 to 100 HP in 10-HP increments, the 4700 Series features a best-in-class base weight for more pulling power and more lift capacity, not to mention better maneuverability and more stability. Yet, even with all that brawn, these machines offer exceptional efficiency and better fuel economy, thanks, in part, to an engine management system that monitors and automatically adjusts every aspect of the engine’s operation.

Now, Massey Ferguson is once again turning heads with the new 4700 Series cab, which was introduced just a few months ago. “This will offer greater comfort and extended use to many more customers who operate in less-than-ideal conditions,” says Warren Morris, AGCO tactical marketing manager, under 100-HP tractors. “Compared to other utility tractor cabs in the industry, it is not only larger, but even quieter.”

The new cabs feature a design based on larger-model tractors. The result is a utility tractor with mid-range comfort. As proof, the 4700 Series cab boasts 96.4 cubic feet of cab volume, compared to 89.2 cubic feet from one of the tractor’s major competitors.

In addition, Morris explains, the 4700 Series cab registers a quiet 75 decibels, which is actually lower than the average telephone dial tone. “Some customers only associate decibels with hearing,” Morris relates. “And it’s true that hearing can be diminished by higher decibels. However, another factor to consider is fatigue. A quieter cab and roomier operator environment equates to less fatigue at the end of a long workday.”

The new cab will be available in two versions—Classic and Deluxe. Both will offer unmatched visibility and a console that conveniently groups all major controls on the right-hand side of the operator’s seat. However, the Deluxe version also includes a mechanical swiveling seat with armrests, a tilt and telescopic steering column, internal mirror, telescopic large side mirrors, and a rear wiper and washer. Options on both versions include an instructor seat and front fenders that pivot with the front wheels.

“With the introduction of a brand-new utility series in the 4700 Series and the update of our existing utility offering in the 4600M Series, Massey Ferguson now covers the utility tractor market more comprehensively than any other competitor,” Morris concludes.

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