The New Gleaner S9 Series Combines from AGCO

Loaded with more harvesting performance, technology, comfort and convenience, these industry-leading machines help growers harvest crops faster and even more efficiently.

The stylish appearance and larger size of the completely new Vision™ cab, are the first hint that the new Gleaner S9 Series combines embody more than a model number change. The innovations, however, are more than skin deep, according to Caleb Schleder, AGCO tactical marketing manager, combines.

For instance, there are plenty of new features that enhance Gleaner’s hallmark “natural flow” feeding and processing system. Available at most Gleaner dealers, the S9 Series includes the S96, S97 and S98 to meet the needs of growers seeking class 6, 7 and 8 machines.

New Gleaner S9 Series combines

New Gleaner S9 Series combines

As part of the AGCO brand lineup at dealerships across North America, Gleaner combines provide the lightest footprint in the industry and are the only machines on the market to feature a transverse rotor that promotes natural crop flow from the header to the spreader.

Yet, even that aspect of the S9 Series has been enhanced via a longer feeder house that provides better visibility of the cutter bar. The clearance under the feeder shaft and feeder house runners has been increased, too, for improved feeding in difficult crop conditions.

“Gleaner engineers also improved the header lift system with the addition of a proportional valve that allows fine-tuning for faster or slower header response,” Schleder says. “They also incorporated electronic shifting of the 4-speed transmission and electronic parking brake engagement, eliminating cables and linkages.” Even the residue chopper knives are made of a new material for several times greater life than previous models.

However, the greatest and most obvious improvements can be found in the new Vision cab. “The new cab is 15% larger than previous models and features a larger, deep-curved front windshield with 66 square feet of total glass area for an exceptional view of the header,” Schleder says.

“The Vision cab also features a completely redesigned control console for quick and easy access to all combine functions and increased operator comfort.

“Perhaps the best feature of the Vision cab, though, is the new Tyton™ terminal, which provides the full menu of products and services from Fuse,® AGCO’s next-generation connected-services technology,” Schleder continues.

“The Tyton terminal has four quadrants, plus easier-to-read Gleaner-specific graphics and a color touch-screen interface, so operators can monitor and control multiple combine functions, many with a single touch.”

Gleaner S9 Series combines even offer growers the choice of a factory-installed FieldStar® Live or Ag Leader® Live yield-mapping system integrated through the Tyton terminal. With the Ag Leader yield monitor option, an optional automatic header width control is available for even more accurate yield calculations.

The Auto-Guide™ satellite-assisted guidance system is also available to ensure maximum steering accuracy and efficiency. Auto-Guide control is even integrated through the Tyton terminal, eliminating a separate screen in the cab.

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