The Ultimate Mid-Range Tractor

New Massey Ferguson® large-frame 5600 Series tractors do it all, from loader work to light tillage and hay harvesting.

By Tharran E. Gaines

New Massey Ferguson® large-frame 5600 Series tractors

New Massey Ferguson® large-frame 5600 Series tractors

With the addition of three new, large-frame models, the Massey Ferguson 5600 Series tractors now tackle an even wider array of jobs for a variety of operations. Ranging from 80 to 100 PTO HP, these new models, which include the 5611, 5612 and 5613, round out the MF5600 Series with features and capabilities never before found in the mid-range tractor market.

“Among the industry firsts in this power range is a new front axle suspension. Available as an option on 4-wheel-drive versions of the large-frame models, the new suspension maximizes traction and ride comfort,” says Taylor Grout, AGCO product marketing specialist for mid-range tractors.

The new models also come in a choice of Classic and Deluxe configurations, packaged with the needs of the customer in mind. The Classic models combine the power, performance and versatility customers expect of Massey Ferguson machines, and include ergonomic features such as a mechanical multi-function loader joystick. The Deluxe package offers premium features that enable the operator to work faster and to a higher standard with more accuracy, including an electronic multi-function loader joystick—another first for this size tractor.

With options that meet the needs of a wide range of operations, Massey Ferguson also offers choices in hydraulic systems: two open-center options, a standard (15 gpm) or Twin-Flow (26 gpm) configuration, or a closed-center hydraulic system, which delivers 29 gpm. The class-leading closed-center system offers improved efficiency by only pumping the amount of oil required when it is needed to meet the strenuous demands of larger implements and attachments.

“The 5600 large-frame tractors provide plenty of muscle from the powertrain as well,” Grout adds. “While the smaller 5609 and 5610 use a 3-cylinder engine, the new large-frame models are powered by a newly refined 4.4-liter, 4-cylinder engine from AGCO POWER. In addition to having four valves per cylinder and a wastegate turbocharger with intercooling for improved performance and fuel efficiency, the engine also meets all Tier 4i emissions requirements.”

Meanwhile, Massey Ferguson equipped all three new models with the same high-performing and easy-to-use Dyna-4™ transmission found in the other 5600 Series models. The powershift and power shuttle gearbox offers 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds without clutching. Plus, operators reap all the Dyna-4 benefits of Auto-N (neutral), Anti-Stall, Auto-Drive and Eco-Idle.

Among a host of other features is a new sloped, high-visibility hood; a new Visio roof, which incorporates an additional window into the cab roof above the windshield; and a narrow-profile dash—all of which contribute to improved visibility.

For details about the new 5600 Series large-frame tractors, visit or see your local Massey Ferguson dealer.