TLC for Your Tractor

The attention you give to tractor maintenance can provide year-round benefits.

By Tharran E. Gaines | Photos By Adam Glenday

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Experience is an excellent teacher and Joe Payne is apparently a great student. The Portland, Tenn., farmer has learned over the years the benefits of keeping good records on all his tractors.

Payne explains that each of his 10 tractors—all of which are AGCO made—has a log, which includes the dates of service, lubrication schedules and anything that has been done to the tractor. They’re records that will prove invaluable to both the buyer and the seller if Payne decides to let one of them go.

“I also record any repairs that have been made or if something broke and I had to buy a new part,” he adds. “That way, I can tell if it was just a one-time problem or if it was an issue more than once and it’s something I need to keep an eye on.”

Payne says he still performs most of the fluid and filter changes himself. However, because of the technology built into today’s machines, he calls Whayne Supply, his dealer in Hopkinsville, Ky., for any of the more complicated repairs or service.

Payne’s system of maintaining his fleet of farm equipment—albeit an excellent one—is just one of many. To help other owners enhance their own system and maximize uptime, FarmLife is offering a series of maintenance checklists. Visit for Part One in the series. Click here to download the PDF for Part Two in this series—tips on tractor care.