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Trial By Farm
The benefits of on-farm research multiply when growers collaborate on trials and then pool their results.

6 Tips For On-Farm Research Success
Purdue University Extension Corn Specialist Bob Nielsen reveals 6 tips to get on-farm research right.

On-Farm Research: Learn By Doing
On-farm trial leads to change in N application.

Resources For On-Farm Research
A list of on-farm research resources and programs.

Follow These Steps To Grow High-Yielding Winter Wheat
“That will never work in my area.” Growers often say this when presented with the idea of raising high-yielding winter wheat.

Air Out Your Nitrogen Application Window
Sidedress urea with more confidence and precision using a pneumatic applicator.

TerraGator C Series: The Best Get Better
The new TerraGator® C Series offers industry-leading crop care precision and productivity.

AGCO Crop Tour 2018: What We’ve Learned
The 2018 AGCO® Crop Tour™ events are wrapping up. By looking at stand counts, dug roots and corn ears, growers were able to see the results of several trials that aimed for the best ways to achieve the even and on-time emergence necessary for optimum corn yields.