Massey Ferguson on the Beach: Wish You Were Here

Jealousy is unbecoming, but given the palm trees and snowy white beaches, we had our reasons.

By Richard Banks | Photos By Greg Cooper

Massey on the beach. Photo by Greg Cooper.

Massey on the beach. Photo by Greg Cooper.

It was awfully nice of photographer Greg Cooper to send us pictures from his vacation last winter. Then again, the photos he sent bred a touch of envy. Taken on the beach, just south of Cancun, Mexico, it was obvious Greg, a fantastic freelancer who’s worked with FarmLife on occasion, was 1) on vacation, 2) in a pretty fabulous locale and 3) thinking of us while we toiled under the cold, gray skies of home.

Staff at the resort where the shots were taken tell us this Massey Ferguson® 2605 is used for a variety of purposes, from cutting grass and pulling trailers (filled with beach umbrellas and margarita mix, we wondered?) to cleaning seaweed off the beaches, as seen in this photo.

Given the salty air and water, blazing sun and all the suntan lotion rolling in and out with the tide, we figure it’s a pretty punishing environment for a tractor. We were told through an intermediator, though, that the MF2605 stands up to such harsh conditions and is comfortable for operators, to boot.

For a vacationer, however, Greg tells us such environs are the bee’s knees. Yep, wish we were there.