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Dan Forsea

Protect the Water

A rancher shares tips on how to care for one very precious commodity and the land that’s near it.

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Hedgerow and Shelterbelt Resources

For more information on shelterbelts and hedgerows, visit these sites.

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Energy Calculators and More

If a farmer isn’t looking for a grant to help fund an energy makeover, but instead wants to only explore ways to save energy, the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has several online tools available. On its Energy Tools site ( there are links to energy-usage estimators, including those for animal house, irrigation, nitrogen and […]

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The Good Kind of Audit

With grants and expert help available, energy audits can save big money by helping you be more efficient.

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Not For Sale

The NRCS helps a South Carolina cattleman conserve and preserve his farm.

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Cover Crop Resources

Links for more information.

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