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Pair a Hesston baler with a Massey Ferguson tractor for premium performance.

Hesston Balers and Massey Ferguson Tractors: A Great Team

Two sister brands that are built to work together and built to last.

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Of and For the Future

Here in the hills of southern Indiana’s Dubois County, veteran farmer Dave Ring has ably combined the best of tradition and new technology to create a sustainable home and business for a fifth generation, and a budding sixth.

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A Calling, Found

Pun or not, this son flowered into a terrific farmer and helped make both his and his dad’s dreams come true.

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Under Cover

In exchange for a little TLC, Rich Bennett’s fields produce healthy yields of grain, while saving him fertilizer, herbicide, fuel and time.

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Farm For Art’s Sake

The grower behind the Corn Palace’s color.

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Day Job

Through custom work, an Iowa farmer finds a way to equip his family operation, and those of his customers, with the latest in ag technology.

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Use the off-season to perform maintenance to lessen downtime during harvest.

Keep Up the Good Work

Continued combine maintenance before, during and after harvest minimizes loss and downtime.

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